Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Encouraging words

I have been uber stressed between grad classes, my best friends wedding coming up and school - with my crazy class. I have barely had any time to even look at Pinterest or blogs and its upsetting to me since I had SO much time this summer. Anyway, I have about three minutes before I need to start researching again but I wanted to share this with the blog world. Sometimes you just have one of those days - a lot of my days are like that for me this year - and you need something - or someone - to pick you up. I got this email from my mom today and it was so uplifting and wonderful. If you had one of those days use these words as your inspiration to keep going strong. It was exactly what I needed.....

Hi sweetie!  I just want you to know I remember when you were in kindergarten and how important your teacher was to you. Mrs. Anderson/Jones set the tone for you to love school, and become who you are today.
Remember, even on the days when everything goes wrong, when it feels like you are talking to the walls:  You are making a difference in the lives of these little people.  You might be the only one who listens today, the only one who sees, the only one who loves the unlovable, even for just a few hours. And if YOU can't do that, God can, through you.
I love you so much, and I am so proud of you.
♥ Mom

Monday, September 5, 2011


It is amazing how quickly my time disappeared once school started. This will be a VERY quick post. I haven't even had time to 'stalk' other people! I have survived my first two weeks with Kindergartners and although it has been crazy and busy and stressful and frustrating all wrapped into a big knot, I am learning to love them! :)

Tomorrow starts our full schedule - we have heat schedule. I only pray that the heat goes away with the heat schedule. It is absolutely miserable right around lunch and until the end of the day. Now that the day is longer.... we'll see what happens.

Anyway, I am looking forward to actually TEACHING them starting tomorrow. Till now we've been just learning how to be in school and wow, I forgot how HARD that was.... It's a lot of work and reminding and REPEATING yourself over and over again. I know that will have to continue, especially after the long weekend but we start our reading and math series tomorrow. I get to introduce them to our writers workshop journals and we start into our normal routine... wow, a ROUTINE!? What's that? lol

I have to say though, most of my class is awesome. I have two boys who are going to really give me a struggle throughout the year but I am already starting to figure out their triggers and their motivators which is great. We practiced literacy centers last week and I was amazed by how quietly they worked and did what they were supposed to. I KNOW they did not do that last time I taught Kindergarten. I am hoping they keep it up so I can start pulling groups.

Ok. That's all I have time for.... I have to get back to classwork and schoolwork. I am hoping once I get back into the rhythm of things I can continue to post. I took some pictures of my kids working in their literacy centers and I want to post about it but, alas, I have no idea where my plug is and I have no time to dig for it.

If you made it through this, thanks for listening to my rambling! :) I appreciate the audience.....