Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sweat, Organization and Weirdness

I don't know what is wrong with me.... I was at school yesterday and today probably a total of 4 hours and.... I GOT A LOT DONE!! It's so weird. I am not an organized person and I am not productive. I think all this inspiration from you Bloggy people is helping me to be motivated and inspired! I can finally feel comfortable posting pictures of my room - although its not ready. Notice I am not in ANY of them because it is about 95 degrees in my room!! (NO AIR! - and no plans in the near future to get it) If it is this hot in August I might die... we all will!

I am in the same room but I completely reorganized the layout and organized all of my stuff. My goal for this year is not only to be organized myself but to teach my students organization - something they did NOT have last year. So, without further delay....

My great find from the Dollar Store... Not sure what I am using them for yet but they are color coded! :) One of my mini trashcans is missing a lid so I am going to have to go back and complain! The big 'trash cans' will definately be used for art. I always have scrap paper all over the floor or they get up every five seconds to throw their scraps away. Each group will get a trash can in the middle of their desks then at the end of art it will all get dumped! :) Yay for saving me stress!!

My library getting started... See below for more done.

My cubbies/storage with EVERYTHING in them... This was a big task!

Starting to look at lot better....

I've organized my math manipulatives so I can FIND things! :)

My book baskets - I made new labels but ran out of ink so... thats a different project.

Full library with cushions and my big shelf that I got at Menards - $40!!

The start of my writing center

In front of my desk - A few bulletin boards, a table I use for centers and my behavior managment system (green, blue, yellow, orange and red cards)

Another part of my library. That chart has my library card checkout system. I took a picture of it after I made it with my phone then later realized I didn't have a picture on my camera. That will be the topic of a later blog...

This is how my desks were when i came in. I'm okay with that because it makes it easier to move around while I'm still getting organized... When thats all done I'll set up the desks! :)

My sign in/check out table - not done yet. I have mailboxes (on the floor) which I use to pass out graded papers and flyers that I don't need back. I may not keep it on the floor but I want it by this table and it doesn't fit on it or under it... I have the pink and green things for homework and the big pink bin will be for their take-home folders after they turn in their homework. The fishbowls on the board are for attendance. Each bowl has a number. When the students come in they grab a fish (with velcro on the back) and stick it on their bowl. It takes a quick glance to see who is not here!

My desk! It is mostly organized.

More of my desk area... That crate is full of stuff I need to do... so is that black thing on the shelf by my desk...

The shelf behind my desk... my hubby made it for me! This holds my resource books, binders, my daily papers, etc.

My new mini chalkboard that I stole (borrowed) from my in-laws. The other side has a whiteboard which is facing my carpet/library. It also has a role of paper on the bottom so I can pull up and write about it. It was just sitting in their garage... what a waste! I am VERY excited!!

Well, thats most of my classroom! I am very proud of what I have accomplished in the last few days. I only have a few things to sort through and my hallway bulletin board, and focus wall to put up. Other than that I need my class list so I can start labeling things! With that said, I brought home some Mailbox magazines and a book on guided reading (which I am going to try to implement). I guess I have some planning and reading to do!!!

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  1. It's looking good! Can't wait to finally get into my room on Monday! Organization can be such a big pain in the beginning, but such a sense of accomplishment when everything has it's place! Can't wait to see more!