Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My 4th R; Randomness.....

Today was a CRAZY day!!

-went to school to drop off my new buys from Target and my room is HOT! I know I said this on my last post but OMG! My classroom is rediculous.... We are going to have some fainting kids - or teachers - if it is like this when the kids come!!

-I was so excited about being in the AIR for registration.... come to find out, the gym is not air conditioned! WHAT? It wasn't as bad as my classroom because the air was seeping in from the hallways but man, oh, man.... it was bad. I was there from 3-7:30! It was supposed to end at 6:30 but there were some stragglers then my money pile didn't match up with my log and I had a mild freak out. Come to find out I counted wrong - 4 times. Guess I need to practice counting money before school starts! :)

-I found out some interesting news about our numbers. My first year there were 3 of each grade... Last year there were not enough Kindergarteners for 3 classes and luckily one of the 2nd grade teachers moved so I got that spot. This year the same thing happened... only enough for 2 Kindergarten classes. (This worried me for next year because my teamies are tenured). Anywho.... we now have enough for three kindergartens!! 60 kids!! AND.... we lost two more teachers (one moved districts and one moved schools - both by choice). So, after ALL of that..... We are going to have to hire TWO MORE TEACHERS!!! We have such a small staff - about 15 - and this is going to be HUGE! (It also helps me relax because that gives me a leg up on two new teachers for next year.) :)

-On a not so great note... my beautiful wonderful sister-in-law, Teresa is in the hospital. She almost constantly lives there with all her health issues. I won't go into all the problems but right now her kidneys are failing. She is on dialysis right now up at Mayo clinic so my husband and I are going to head up there tomorrow.... She is there all the time for all sorts of things but this is different, this is much different. Please say a prayer or send a thought or whatever your beliefs are....

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  1. Oh my! Teresa is in my prayers. May the Lord bless her and make His Face to shine upon her, healing her body and blessing her richly.


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