Friday, August 12, 2011

No more crying, suck it up!

Yesterday I felt like I was grieving someone, I kept crying over the littlest thing - like realizing that I created something that I can't use or that I can't watch Andy Griffith this year (we watched it on Fridays and discussed it).

Yesterday as I was moving my things down the hall I had waves of being okay and waves of being angry! This is what I found out yesterday... they are making the higher grades bigger classes instead of the elementary classes - which is good. However, that means that some of the older grades lose a teacher or two and since we lost two teachers to different schools this year we needed more teachers. I just assumed we would hire for K and 1 but nope, they moved me. I taught Kindergarten my first year and I am guessing the teacher who is taking my room taught some higher grade so they wouldn't want to move her down. They were going to wait until today to tell me or even Monday because it doesn't become "official" until then... I would have been very angry but my principal fought to tell me sooner so I really do appreciate that.

After talking with my mom she told me to make a list of all the positives about it and look at it when I am feeling down. (My mom was moved - at the end of last year - from High school to first and second grade. She teaches special ed and went through the same thing as I did... and she was teaching HS for 24 years!) Making the list helped her a lot so here it is. Before I start, I tried to do this yesterday but every time I thought of a positive, it made me think of three negatives. I'm hoping today will be better....

-No grading papers
-I love the Kindergarten team
-I am closer to the bathroom
-I have already taught K, at least they didn't move me to the open first
-I'm in the same building - they could have moved me to a different building.
-I have an amazing support of teachers in my building who have offered help or anything I need in the next few days
-Meet your teacher is before school instead of after so all the kiddos bring all their stuff and I get to meet them. I love that!
-I have tables - I don't like desks! :)

Its sad but that's all I can think of. I didn't mind K my first year but I am way more of a second grade teacher. If you can think of anything that I can add to my list please comment and let me know. I have decided to be as positive about this as I can be.

With that being said, I will need to read up on all the Kindergarten blogs because I have gotten so many ideas from 2nd grade blogs this summer that I need to now backtrack. So, if you are K and have any advice for me... HELP! :)

Alrighty, on to shower and head to school. I've got lots more to move and put up and decorate and plan and........


  1. I'm sorry this has been so hard! :( But I love your list of pro's! Think of how much you can push those kinder babies bc you know what is expected of them in 2nd grade!

  2. I agree with the above... you are privy to some other grade level expectations, your team will love you!

    You've got some AWESOME blogs at your fingertips, too! KindergartenWorks,
    Kindergarten Crayons,
    Can Do Kinders,
    Little Miss Kindergarten,
    Mrs. Stamps Kindergarten,
    The Polka Dot Patch,
    Mrs. Miner's Kindergarten,
    Growing Kinders,
    Keen on Kindergarten
    the list goes on! Hope I included at least one new one to ya...

    Oh yeah! Mine! Thanks for following :)
    The Kinder Kid

  3. Oh my, I have just found your blog as you became a follower of mine!! Reading your post has just made me cry! I am sorry this happened to you, it must have been such a shock, especially after all your prep you would have done for Yr 2. BUT, I have to say K would be my favourite grade and with your obvious lovely heart and sweet nature, who better to take care of these beautiful little people than you! They will be the luckiest Kindergarten class ever!! Again, I am so sorry that this happened and that you are so sad, but I am positive that it will all work out for you. Take care and enjoy your littlies. I am really looking forward to following your adventures. Sending virtual hugs your way ~ xx
    Good Morning Mrs Rubie

  4. Hang in there, Sweetie. I think that kind of thing happens to us all at one time or another. I had to move from Grade 2/3 to Grade 6 one year with 0 days notice. Who knows? You might LOVE kindergarten.

    Grade ONEderful