Saturday, August 20, 2011

NEW classroom pics!!

Well, after the LONGEST week of my life, I have come to terms with my situation and have made the best of it. I have also gotten a LOT done including, but not limited to.... taking apart my old room, taking down my bulletin boards, moving ALL my stuff down the hall (with some help from our custodian - props to Dave), figuring out where to put all my stuff in a MUCH smaller room :(, organizing my room for Kindergarten - not second grade, putting up bulletin boards, getting ready for meet your teacher and attending a Handwriting without Tears workshop - which was WAY pointless (as I have already blogged about before).

Anyway... after all of that, I took some pictures before the parents came on Thursday night and figured I would share my room with you all.

Instructions for what to do when they come in. I had labels around the room for the each of the supplies - like a treasure hunt! It worked well two years ago but wow, this year was a mess! They were all very confused. The other two teachers had no problems with this of course but oh well. I got it all put away! :)

My hallway bulletin board. It seems so empty and I would have added more but it was one of those things that got put aside for other things that needed to be done... :(

My teamie's bulletin board. I thought it was clever and cute! She is getting married soon so this is the last year she can use that! :)

The view from the door.

View from the door (straight in). You can see my kidney table and my math manipulatives. That adorable little circle table will be my word work station but I have mini crates there now to collect supplies.

I bought these tubs initially to solve my math manipulative problem I had in my second grade classroom. However, I decided to use them for something else in Kindergarten.... supply boxes! :) They were 97 cents at Lowes and snap apart and together super easily. They will go on the shelves (you can see the empty shelves in the back) when we are not using them. The red folders underneath are their take-home folders we do each year. I had all the information they'd need inside them.

My word wall. I made these letters before I even started teaching - by hand! I didn't have a cricut then and although I do now I thought I could still get use out of these cause they still look so good! :)

My center board. The rotation for each group will stay the same each day. Although, I don't know what I was thinking putting a teacher center in there... I am going to pull them. So, I have to change that to something else or just take it out and only do four rotations. 

Calendar and makeshift carpet. My books are sorted by topic but I did it for second grade and its something I haven't had a chance to do yet so I am going in tomorrow to work on that before the first day. I want them to be able to use it as soon as possible.

Another view of my 'carpet' with my awesome easel and rocking chair. That chair was my grandmas and its still rocking away however i'd like to jazz it up a bit. Its wood and a little wicker. Any suggestions?? I haven't found anything like it on Pinterest. My desk is behind that colorful shelf that my hubby built.

Cubbies... I had to make a makeshift 3 because they go so high on the sides so the kids can't reach! I will have to see if the crates work and figure out something else if not. I am only having them put their coats and bookbags in there so it should be okay... The colorful bins in the middle are going to be for their Handwriting books, their writing journals and their 'not finished' folders. Behind my beautiful 'curtains' (fabric folded in half and hanging on a rod - im not a sewer) are art things, reading things, etc.

My counter with all of the curriculum and my daily organizational tools that I need to keep myself sane.

Shelf next to my desk. Fan is a necessity - there is no air! Scentsy is also neccessary.... I have my sub tub up there and some books for our reading series. I bought one of those organizers I've been seeing all over Pinterest but I haven't had time to make the labels. I am glad its yellow though cause its bright and cheery... I love it! The sad, or good? thing about it is I've used it so much I know where everything is without the labels so I guess I can wait until I do have time. :)

My desk is a bit of a mess but not too bad considering the insane amount I've been doing lately.

The view from my desk... Its small and its not where I thought I'd be this year but .... Its growing on me. :)


  1. Glad you were able to get so much done in such a short amont of time! I know it's not what you wanted or were planning, but I'm sure you will come to love it! :)

    3rd Grade Randomness

  2. Your room is so cute!! I'm jealous of all your storage! Hope you have a great year!

    Ms. Preppy's Adventures in Primary and Polka Dots